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How to think when you are attacking in padel – The offensive

In the offensive case, we need to get closer to the net. This is where you should put pressure on your opponents and push the ball deep. In padel, you always aim for the offensive position in front of the net. This is where you get the chance to settle the balls, and save energy, make your opponents work harder and take more out of your energy. There is also a greater risk of mistakes in the defensive position.

Here it's all about not getting passed so your opponents can take over the net. That's why you need to help cover the court together. When the ball is in the backhand player's corner, you as the backhand player need to take a step back and into the court, it is then your job to cover the middle at the lob and in the volley while the forehand player can take a step forward at the net and cover the straight shot. The stroke that takes the most time = easiest to find time to take is the parallel stroke, therefore as the attacking backhand you can release your side more when the ball is in the defensive backhand player's corner. It also makes it easier in communication (who should take the ball) if you are not next to each other.

In the offensive position, you should be able to stand as long as you want and hit volleys to tire out your opponents.

We also must avoid the dead zone in the middle of the court. From here it is easy for the opponent to hit your feet and difficult to do anything good with the ball offensively. In short, you can be severely punished in the dead zone. Therefore, when you start playing, think defensive = far back in the lane. Offensive = far up the pitch. Then there are other positions too, look at Franco Stupaczuk who loves the centre position. But that's at an advanced level.

To decide where to stay in defensive or offensive time, we will also consider our physical ability, if you are fast player, you can get ahead close to the net more aggressively, knowing that, you will get to volley even if you have to go further back right after; if you are slower player, get further behind, you will gain wall shots confidence with the time, but at some point you must learn to go ahead and attack the volleys, there is where the points use to be finished.It's about finding a position that you can easily get back on if the lob comes.

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