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How to think when you are playing defense in padel

To defend in padel you have to stay behind the service line and close to the back wall, but not too close so the technique is getting bad. You have to prepare yourself to hit the ball after the first bounce in the court, since the padel court is surrounded by glass walls you will probably have to move around the ball to wait for the bounce in the glass wall and continue with the play.

A good tip when you are playing defensive, hit the ball with control. Preparation is everything here and stay calm. Usually you have more time than you think in the defensive shots, because of the glass wall you get two chances. One before the glass wall and one (often better) after the bounce in the glass wall.

The idea with playing your defense is to continue the point and to try to take over the attacking position (take position by the net) in the offense. Avoid the fast/winner shots that makes you carry all the risk, if your opponents are ready, it will be very difficult for you to win points from the defense zone.

Let your opponents take the risks in the attacking position. Hopefully some easy mistakes from your opponents will come when you are defensively compliant and controlled. Which can provide a lot of energy.

Just like in offense and in other parts of padel, it is important that you work as a team in defense. Covering for each other, being close to each other. When your partner has been working in his corner, you help cover the middle and vice versa.

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